Sustainability report for Svend Frederiksen Maskinfabrik A/S for the year 2020.

The report shows the focus and status of our work on sustainability in 2020 through selected SDGs and key figures.

60th anniversary

Svend Frederiksen Maskinfabrik A/S was started by Svend Frederiksen on 19 June 1961 in Ryslinge as Ryslinge Maskinværksted. The company was celebrating its 60th anniversary on 19 June 2021.

New LVD DynaPress 40/15 PRO electric edge press.

Fully equipped electric edge press with 5-axis rear stop. Fast, precise and flexible bending of items up to 40 tons in 1.5 meters in length.

Success Company of the Year 2020

This year's Success Company 2020 is Spar Nord and BDO Denmark's award to companies that year after year demonstrate good and stable earnings, solidity and at the same time create jobs. Read more at We thank our loyal customers, skilled employees and good business partners for helping to make it possible.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals and Svend Frederiksen Maskinfabrik A/S

As a subcontractor, we help produce products, solutions and plants that support the goals of environment, sustainability and green transition (SDGs 6, 7 and 9). Every year we train apprentices and take responsibility for their good education. It increases the level of competence in society in metalworking and production, and contributes to skilled [...]

Voted Gazelle 2019

We have been voted Gazelle 2019 by Børsen. Being gazelle means that we have one of the fastest growing companies in Denmark that meets the following requirements: The company's gross profit must be over DKK 0.5 million, or net sales must be over DKK 1 million in the starting year 2015. The company must have published a minimum of [...]

New welding robot

Robotic system from Migatronic Automation with a FANUC welding robot type ArcMate 100iC/12, a 180° turning table that on each side has a turning table that can turn the workpiece while welding. This ensures a high arc time, as one table can be welded while taking and laying items on the other. The manipulators are guided by the robot's [...]

New cnc drill/milling machine

Fanuc Robodrill machining center with tool change in 0.7 seconds and designed to handle tools weighing up to 4 kg. Fastest and strongest 5-axis CNC machining centers on the market. Motion X/Y/Z = 700/400/330 mm

New Pemserter

Pemserter Serie4 press incl. automatic feed for installation and pressure assembly of bolts/nuts from M3 to M8;