UN Sustainable Development Goals and Svend Frederiksen Maskinfabrik A/S

As a subcontractor, we help produce products, solutions and facilities that support the goals of the environment, sustainability and green transition (SDGs 6, 7 and 9).

We train apprentices every year and take responsibility for ensuring that they receive a good education. This increases the level of skills in society in metal processing and production, and helps talented young people to find jobs and careers in the metal industry (SDG 4).

We support Boss Ladies by employing female apprentices, and the company offers internships to girls in grades 8-9, giving them the opportunity to experience the everyday life of a metal industry company (SDG 5).

As a member of TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne, all the company's employees work under a Danish collective agreement. This ensures the same minimum wage for everyone, as well as decent working conditions that comply with applicable rules and legislation (SDGs 5 and 8).

We use good quality production materials produced under decent working conditions (SDG 9).

We develop new production methods and invest in new technologies that reduce energy and material consumption, reduce waste, etc. (SDG 9).

We recycle production materials whenever possible and economically viable (SDG 9).

We take responsibility for ensuring that production waste, cooling or waste water, etc. is recycled or disposed of in the most environmentally and climate-friendly way (SDGs 6 and 9).

We minimize the use of plastic packaging when packing products for shipment (SDG 9).

As a member of TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne, the company is represented in the Climate Partnership for the building and construction sector. In this way, we contribute to the climate action plan to further accelerate the green transition (SDG 17).