As a subcontractor of customer-specified products in the form of welded steel structures, profiles, fittings, components and machine parts, we have the pleasure of being a supplier to many different industries.
Within these, almost anything can be thought of - from play equipment to dog stretchers.

Building and civil engineering

Here we are a supplier of various parts for collaborative, mobile, voice-sensitive robots used in construction. In addition, we supply various building fittings in the form of steel structures for play equipment, gate fittings, railings, covers, etc.m.

Electrical and electronic

Among other things, we manufacture plates for the installation of circuit boards. Computer mounting consoles. Covers and cabinets in steel.

Energy and renewable energy

Various components for use in wind turbine production.

Internal and external transport

Manufacture of components for collaborative mobile robots. Manufacture of components for convearbanes. Throwing blocks w.m.

Agriculture and horticulture

Manufacture of parts as subcontracting for fence saws and fence mowers for nature conservation. Remanufacturing items by task. Components for automating horticulture.

Environment and recycling

Manufacture of containers, wear parts and similar components by task.

Sports, leisure, institutions

Manufacture of steel furniture by task.

Wood and furniture

Profiles and fittings for computer tables, among other things. Specially designed play tables and furniture w.m.