We act as a sparring partner and supsupplier or subcontractor for enterprises requiring external steel processing, consultation or service.

SFM stands for high-quality, outstanding good workmanship. For us, no job is too comprehensive or too small.

We supply the following areas:

Building and construction
We supply various fittings for buildings in form of steel constructions for equipment for playgrounds, various gate fittings, columns, railings, covers, etc.

Electro and electronics
We manufacture plates for the mounting of printed circuit boards, among other things. Brackets for the installation of computers. Covers and cupboards made of steel.

Energy and permanent energy
Various components for the use in the production of windmills.

Environment and recycling
Manufacturing of containers, wear parts and other such parts to order.

Farming and nurseries
Processing of blanks to order. Components for the automation of nurseries.

Furniture and wooden furniture
Profiles and fittings for computer tables, etc. Specially designed tables for children, furniture, etc.

Internal and external transport
Components for conveyors, snatch blocks etc.

Sport, spare time, institutions
Manufacturing of steel furniture to orders.